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Kicking the Table #125


CENTERSHAFT Fallen Elements by Hattie Joy Anthony
Gettysburg: Shall I advance? -Limited Edition by Command Post Games
Can't Catch Harry by James Rallison
Day of the Dead: A Journey Home by DAG Games LLC
Experience Board Game by Bruce Robert Fischer
Etenstijd! - Fun, fast and delicious table-top card game by Daffan
Panzer Orders Tank Battles by Matt White
Kingdoms of Erden: King of the Mountain: Mercenary Expansion by Tim Olinger
Mr. Rhee: Surviving the Nightmare World by Greenbrier Games INC
Snitch: A Fast-paced game of honour among thieves by Slight Games
Quester Party: A hybrid cooperative game of adventure by Matt Kirsch
Weapon Wars by Lodus Games
ATE THE GAME by Nellie K
《Decade: Time to Achieve》- A Board Game for Dreamers by Board Game Tailor
CRIME WRITERS - a creative deduction and storybuilding game by Lulla Games
Final Boss: Next Stage card game by Rafael González
Six Sided Summoner - Cooperative Strategy Game by ClockWise Studios
Rise to Nobility: Beyond + 2nd print by Final Frontier Games
Cthulhu: The Horror in Dunwich by Wyvern Gaming
Twin Stars: Adventure Series II - A solo game system by Jason Tagmire
Owly Tribe by Ludovic Mahieu
Harem Wars Card Game by Dharker Studios Ltd
OmenQuest Cards: World Deck by Isaac Bluefoot
The Towers of Arkhanos by Creative Games Studio
Hollywood Death Race by Mangrove Games
TMG 10th Anniversary Edition Belfort with NEW content! by Michael Mindes
Space Explorers by Chad Elkins
Mezo Relaunch by Kolossal Games
Dragon Boats of the Four Seas by Maple Games
Lovelace & Babbage by Artana LLC
Expedition: The Future Expansion & Deluxe Edition by Todd Medema
The Hunger Games®: Mockingjay - The Board Game by River Horse
Trailhead: The Wilderness Survival Game by Mike
Supreme Leader: A Game of Politics, Diplomacy, and Treachery by Card Culture
Stak Bots Battling Robots Card Game - Purple Set by Tom Norfolk
Bones of the Caribbean by mechlinski
Gladiatores: Blood for Roses by BadCat Games
Heroes of Tenefyr by Broken Mill
Builders! The Building-Building deck Building Game by Nathaniel Sanderson
TANKS, BUT NO THANKS! Strategy board game | 2-4 players | 8+ by TIN ROBOT GAMES
Viceroy: Times of Darkness by Seth Hiatt
Cthulhu Kids: Cosmic Catastrophe Battle Card Game by Andrew Pawley
BattleCON: Unleashed - The Ultimate BattleCON Edition! by David B. Talton Jr.
Dragonflight - An Essential Guide to 5th Edition Dragons by 2CGaming
Santa Maria: American Kingdoms by Kristian Amundsen Østby
Neapolitan Tombola by Mauro Carichini
Get Organized! (the game where crime pays) by Dan Ferrara Jr



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Kicking the Table

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This is a weekly podcast about boardgames currently running campaigns on Kickstarter.

The hosts will try to go through all the games posted in the last week and discuss whether they believe these are good investments or whether you should pass.

We have no affiliation with Kickstarter or with any of the game publishers and have not been paid for any endorsements, so this is all honest feedback.

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