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Kicking the Table #110


Munchkin Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by IDW Games
Mysthea by Tabula Games
Cat'astrophes by Ludovic Mahieu
Playing Lean 2: The Next Release by Simen Fure Jørgensen
Time Portal - Game by Ample Knight
DNA Strategy Board Game by Sam Ruiz
Adorable Monsters, the Card Game by Joshua Mason
Wreck and Ruin! by Mark at DreamBigGames
13 Bones: A Conquest of Captains by The United States Game Company
Rise of the Exiled: A Fantasy Throwing Card Game by J&E Innovations
Flip & Find's Diner by Spontaneously Combustible Games
DICEYMON - Experience the top quality of game tool by VIVA studio
Brutality by Game Devastation
Sorcerer City Board Game by Druid City Games
Darkness: A Strategy Card Game of Ancient Mysticism by Taylor Hayward - Green Meadow Games
Diesta | A Dice Fiesta by Good Party Games
Quick-Start Game Inserts 2018 by Ben Hillyard
AuZtralia board game by Martin Wallace by SchilMil Games (Amanda Milne)
Bad Medicine 2018: Second Opinion, Second Edition by Gil Hova
Castles of Caleira by Keith D Franks
ALFREPOLY (Drinking Board Game) by Elena Novell
Werewords Deluxe Edition by Bezier Games
POWERUP the 16bit Board Game by Ramon Redondo Perez
Politically INcorrect Card Game by Luke Wilson
Operation Candy Bomber by Cedar Fort Publishing and Media
Hive Smashers: A Strategy Card Game by Gilgamesh Games
Fractured Zombies by Daniel Meylan
Kickass Cossacks: Fantasy Football team by GASPEZ-ARTS Fabio Gasparini
Flicky Spaceships by Room 17 Games Ltd
Listit - Great Minds List Alike by Erik, Bjorn & Bjorn
Cube Hog by TowerShield
Spillover: A Peak Oil Expansion by 2TOMATOES
Quantum Quest - The Ever-Changing Competitive Dungeon Crawl by Mike DeAngelo
Cult: Choose Your God Wisely by Cryptozoic Entertainment
Hoarding 101 - Class is in Session - Board Game by Reginald D. Kinnaman
Lab Partners: A Card Game for Your Inner Mad Scientist by TopTier Games
Batman™: Gotham City Chronicles by Monolith Board Games LLC
Into The Black: Boarding Party by I Will Never Grow Up Gaming
Palm Island - Portable Card Game by Portal Dragon
Chronicles of Crime by Lucky Duck Games
Dice Settlers by NSKN Games
Pocket Sub - a quick abstract game of nautical warfare! by Caezar and Kuly from Alley Cat Games



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Kicking the Table

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This is a weekly podcast about boardgames currently running campaigns on Kickstarter.

The hosts will try to go through all the games posted in the last week and discuss whether they believe these are good investments or whether you should pass.

We have no affiliation with Kickstarter or with any of the game publishers and have not been paid for any endorsements, so this is all honest feedback.

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