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Kicking the Table #90


Life & Legend - An Adventure Card Game by Lost Age Games
Idea Jab - The First Card Game For Generating Business Ideas by Midnight 30
Demon Espionage by JiaJie Tan
The Con Carrier Bag - The Convention Game-Carrying Solution! by Everything Epic
SECTOR 6: compete today, breathe tomorrow! by Draco Ideas
Gravitational Pull by Lucas Bower
Undermine - Worker Placement & Resource Management Card Game by Gizco International
Billy Goats Buff by Ashley O'Brien
Kick Bite Punch - An action packed card game for all ages! by StrIntDex Games
Swindle! The Trinket Trading Party Card Game by Patrick Crosby
GOONS AND GATS by Josh Wall aka WallNutz Games
Knock-Out! by Interactive Jeans
Knuckle Bust Dice and Card Game by Winston Sterling, LLC
Sherman Leader by Dan Verssen Games
"Legado" by Antonio Morrajas Ibáñez
SocialStax: A Tabletop Party Game by SocialStax
Merchant Houses of Venice: A Game of Frantic Trade by Robert Van de Water
Infected: The board game - Tabletop magnetic strategy game by Jose Guizar
Neighborhood Enterprise - Phase 1 by Executive Life Suites
Mobilize by Andrew Badley
Birds and Squirrels: Relaunch! by Scolopendra Games
Botallions - Simplified Wargaming by Collin Menninger
The Sailor's Game, Sails Again !! by Josef Renard
Twilight of the Gods: Age of Revelation by Victory Point Games
Iron League: Black Stadium by Juegorama S.C.
The Economics Board Game by Zoe-Marie
Arkhon - The War of Factions a unique tactical board game by shaman's puppet studio



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Kicking the Table

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This is a weekly podcast about boardgames currently running campaigns on Kickstarter.

The hosts will try to go through all the games posted in the last week and discuss whether they believe these are good investments or whether you should pass.

We have no affiliation with Kickstarter or with any of the game publishers and have not been paid for any endorsements, so this is all honest feedback.

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