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Kicking the Table #85


Gnomes and Associates by Happy Games Factory
Ascended Kings® Tabletop Board Game & Graphic Novel by Incarnate Games
Pull Santa's Beard by Matthew Morton
Windup War: the Cutest Combat Card Game by Dennis Hoyle
Einstein by Artana LLC
OBTINEO The Game by KickFire Classics
Mythic Wars: Clash of the Gods & Cthulhu Rises by Excalibre Games US
GHOULASH The Card Game by Ghoulash Games
Knights of Camelot - only one can become King... by Mind Games
Super Powered Smash Masters by Dark Unicorn Games
Witch SLAPPED! by Prolific Games
Upstart: The Board Game by Richard "D-cal" Dacalos and Ina Flores
Build-A-Burger - The Card Game by Heinous Games
Stitches - A Card Game of Monstrous Proportions by Norwester Games
Q.E. A Beautiful, unique, handmade wooden game. by gavin birnbaum
Food Truck Rally by Jeranimo Games
Infusion: A Sci-Fi Fantasy Deckbuilding Card Game by Jenifer Wehner
OH MY SHEEP Card Game by Canvas Studio
Dynamite Nurse - Anime Card Game by Japanime Games
Band Manager: Backstage Clash - Negotiation Management Game by Original Content London
Xenofera - Join the Hunt! by Liz Gattra
The Hackers Guild - Can You Accomplish the Impossible? by Raymond Northcott
To Windward! - The Lunar Islands by Tower St. Games
Meeple Quest - A Fantasy Board Game by Manel Fre3men
The Pioneers Program: Apocalyptic town rebuilding board game by GCT Studios
Siege - The Castle-Crashing Card Game of Medieval Mayhem! by Ken Bogedahl
Broker - A Game About Cheating by Jonah Kellman
Bears vs Babies - A Card Game by Elan Lee
Deep Madness by Diemension Games
Steal This Game by LudiCreations
Valeria: Card Kingdoms - Flames & Frost by Daily Magic Games
Pretending to Grownup by Jason Anarchy
Medici: The Card Game by Grail Games
Follow by Ben Robbins
Matt Leacock's Chariot Race: A Perilous Contest In Antiquity by Gryphon and Eagle Games
Drawing Dead by John Fiorillo
ILLIMAT by Twogether Studios, LLC
Spires - a card game for 1-4 players by Nevermore Games
Dracula’s Feast: A monstrous game of secrets and deduction by Blue Beard Entertainment
Clades, the Evolutionary Card Game by Grandmother Fish LLC
C.O.G. by Dr. Finn's Games
Giant Squishable Foam Dice - Second Wave by Minion Games
Starcade: An Arcade Style Micro Game for 1-3 Players by Never Peak Games
Portable Paint Station - take paints, minis & tools with you by War Mage Games
Peacekeepers™ - The Board Game by Mark Alexander
Godforsaken Scavengers: Survival Card Game by Drawblack
Cobras - A Trick-Taking Game for 1-5 Players by Cardboard Edison
Smiths of Winterforge: A game for 2-5 dwarven blacksmiths by Table Tyrant Games
Dodgy Dealers - The Black Market Art Dealing Card Game by Big Man Murph
Lazer Ryderz! The Totally Rad Tabletop Racing Game! by GreaterThanGames
DUNGEON DEGENERATES - HAND OF DOOM Fantasy Board Game by Sean Äaberg
Hexmaze by Sigma Games
Rising 5 - Runes of Asteros by Holy Grail Games
Tiny Swords Tactics by Brian Wolf
Galactic Coliseum by Jonathan Jeffrey Lai



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Kicking the Table

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This is a weekly podcast about boardgames currently running campaigns on Kickstarter.

The hosts will try to go through all the games posted in the last week and discuss whether they believe these are good investments or whether you should pass.

We have no affiliation with Kickstarter or with any of the game publishers and have not been paid for any endorsements, so this is all honest feedback.

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