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Kicking the Table #80


CAVERNS & CRYSTALS: Rule the Rock! (Return) by Clockwork Cabbage
Island's Bounty - a board game of deduction and strategy by Devin Dingey
Imps Devilish Duels: A Dice & Card Battle Game by Triple Ace Games Ltd
PUBBLICITARY: board game on the Italian world of advertising by Marta Levantaci
Hipsters and Hamsters by R.J. Lucas
Secret Directive: A spy-themed board game by Mike Lee
Crazy place by Antoine Roger-Keurentjes
Cosmic Balance Strategy Boardgame of Angels and Demons by Alexandra Tinsman
Cosa Nostra the Original Mob Game by Matthew Dye
Love Formula: Anime Card Drafting Game by Dylan Gwin
Raggle Taggle Gypsy: The Card Game by Christopher Barley
Millennium Blades - Reprint the game and get all-new Promos! by David B. Talton Jr.
Shattered Void - The Sci-Fi Dogfighting Tabletop Wargame by White Dragon Miniatures
America Billion Club by Gameneering Inc - Miami
Galatune: Action Packed Anime Battle Card Game and Comic by Adam Alan Wik
OMNI TACT - A Patriotic Defense game of next level strategy. by Shalin Pinto
Cute Little Bastards by Kristian Nüsser
Ten-minute Dungeon Delve by Pauly Gillespie
Courts and Castles by Semi-Evil Semi-Genius
Dragon Draft by Joe Hout
Dungeon Explore - Tabletop RPG Tile Card Deck by Nathan Smith
Creative Differences: The Video Game Development Card Game by Simon Platt
Pod-X by Daniel Solis by Jason Tagmire
Moonshot: Lunar Solace - A Fast-Paced Dice-Driven Race Game by David Abelson - Fisher Heaton Games
Vilje, a trading card game by James Marshall
ABXY by Jack Rosetree
Black Market Bonanza! A Fantasy Market Game for 2-5 Players! by Mike Limatoc
Castle Loot by Castle Loot
Foodies: The Perfect Recipe by Dexter Ames
Darkness Sabotage The Board Game by Dethrone Games
Bats Outta Hell by Daniel Arthur Uribe
Airships of Oberon by Adam Love of Reboot Games
Alienish - How fast can you master an alien language? by Quokka Games
GIGA-ROBO! by Giga-Robo!
Klash by Elemon Games



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Kicking the Table

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This is a weekly podcast about boardgames currently running campaigns on Kickstarter.

The hosts will try to go through all the games posted in the last week and discuss whether they believe these are good investments or whether you should pass.

We have no affiliation with Kickstarter or with any of the game publishers and have not been paid for any endorsements, so this is all honest feedback.

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