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Kicking the Table #73


Ancient Sands by Lunar Powered Games
Magicka Mayhem: The Card Game of Elements, Spells & MAYHEM! by Ethan (10y old) & Ken (OLD) Erickson
The Inquisition by All Father Games
Ember: the Magical Card Game by District 31
Sans Allies - Solitaire Game of War by Geoffrey and Valerie Greer
Glass Face by Odd Hackwelder
Inglorious Space by Black Table Games
Fayre of the Forgotten by Thoughtfish
Payoff Pitch Baseball 1973 Baseball Card Set by Joe Bryan
The King is Dead - Card Game by Aurora Wolf
TerraTiles: Tundras, Wastelands, & Caverns Tabletop Terrain by Heath and Seth Robinson
Hull Breach!: In Defiance of Dictators Card Game by hullbreachthegame
Gravity Duels by Studio 202 Games
Quint "Vintage" Mechanical Baseball Pinball Machines & Games by Richard L. Quint Jr. and Carol Quint
Prisma by James O. Rucks. Jr.
Summoner Skirmish : The Pinnacle of Tabletop Wargames by Tait Ekblaw
Keys to the Capitals by Anthony J. Tinervia, Jr
Crash'em - the Demolition Derby Party Game! by Michel Baudoin
The Daedalus Sentence: Escape from Space Prison (Co-Op Game) by Gryphon and Eagle Games
TorahLine Card Game - Exodus from Egypt (Shemos, Va'eira... by Chesley "Akiva" & Laura Coughlin
Downsize - A Competitive Card Game for 2-6 Players by Lewis Shaw
Quick And Dirty: An Offensively Fun Party Game by Quick And Dirty Games LLC
DinoSong by Pautet Cédric
Fail Dates || Masterdate With Friends by Fail Brands
NecronomiCards: A Lovecraftian card game of strategy & luck. by Andy Hunt
Heir to the Throne by Amber Palace Games
Mommie's Critters by Gregory Hingle
Battleborn Legacy - An Epic Struggle for Dominance! by Silverleaf Games, LLC
Last Front: The Fast-Paced Game of Global Domination by Plow Games
Crusaders of Lornia: Trading Card Game & Comic Book by Eternal Relic Games
Sub Rosa: Spies for Hire by Robin David
The Goonies: Adventure Card Game by Albino Dragon
Pixel Loot - Dungeon Maker by Shane Butler
Scuttle! - The pirate card game for all ages by Blue Beard Entertainment
Agents and Operatives by Everything Epic Games
Alien Quest - A card game in tribute to Science Fiction by Guadalupe Brandes
Colosseum : Emperor's Edition by Michael Mindes
KETTOU: The Samurai Reflex Game by Table Forged LLC



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Kicking the Table

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This is a weekly podcast about boardgames currently running campaigns on Kickstarter.

The hosts will try to go through all the games posted in the last week and discuss whether they believe these are good investments or whether you should pass.

We have no affiliation with Kickstarter or with any of the game publishers and have not been paid for any endorsements, so this is all honest feedback.

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