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Kicking the Table #69


No Mercy - A kitty vs alien card game by travis hanson
Evolution: CLIMATE (a stand-alone boardgame) by North Star Games
Bushido, the Card Game of Virtue and Dice by pawnjoker
VAMPSYLVANIA: A card and dice game of cute cartoon monsters! by C. Michael Hall
Ready Check: Guild Smashers by 2HandsomeGames
The Working Dead: An Undead Office Game by Andrew Young
Fourple: The Artistic Strategy Game by Amy Scheel
VENOM Assault by SpyGlass Games
Relicblade: Adventure Battle Game by Sean Sutter
Sentinels of the Multiverse: OblivAeon by GreaterThanGames
Tactical Forces by Steel Game Lab
Siege of Sunfall by Jason Glover
Mountain Climb Game Returns by Tim Novak
Zombie Tower 3D by Cosaic LLC
Full Throttle Air Racing Game by Nick Yankosky
Space Pioneers - A Competitive Card Game for 1-5 Players by Thomas Neu
Statecraft by John Peterson
Yokai Battle - tactical card game by Moe Blaze
Battle of the Electric Vikings: Can I Play With Vikings by Brian Motter
Crying With A Sad Clown: Postcard Edition by Joseph Bridges
Guinea Wars by Gods War Gaming
Take a Penny by Brass Dog Games



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This is a weekly podcast about boardgames currently running campaigns on Kickstarter.

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